Eligibility: Any Undergraduate

Duration : 1 year

Knowledge Level : Expert

After Course You will be Manage to do Accounting in Tally, Able to compute & file GST Returns, Income Tax Return, Tds Returns online, able to handle payroll work & can prepare MIS Reports in Excel

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Course Description

One Year Job Oriented training programme in Accounting & Taxation is most demanded course by under graduates candidate those are desirous a bright Accounting & Taxation career. This course is featured with lots of training and practice on clients actual data which gives candidate a very good working knowledge of Tally, Gst E-filling, E-way bill Preparation, Income tax & Tds e-filling, Payroll, communication skills along with a strong reporting skill over Microsoft Excel.

Course Features


1. Preparation of Vouchers

2. Maintenance of Day book/ Cash book

3. Manual Invoice( Retail/Tax Invoice)

4. Preparation of Quotation/Work Order( Sale & purchase)

5. Debit & credit notes

6. Cheques preparation

7. Filling of Cash/Cheques deposit slip of Banks

8. Maintenance of Stock Register

9. Maintenance of Fixed Assets Register

1. Fundamentals of Accounting
Introduction, Accounting terms, Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles, Assumptions, Concepts, Principles, Double Entry System of Accounting, Types of Accounts, Golden Rules of Accounting, Source Documents for Accounting.

2. Journalizing and Posting of Transaction
Recording of Business Transactions, The Accounting Equation, Recording of Transactions in Books of Original Entry/Journal, Use of Debit and Credit, Rules of Debit and Credit, Recording of Business Transactions in Journal, Need for Ledger, Differences between a Journal and a Ledger, Classification of Ledger Accounts, Posting from Journal,Trial Balance, Methods of Preparation, Subsidiary Books & Control Accounts, Cash Book, Single Column Cash Book, Double Column Cash Book, Three Column Cash Book, Petty Cash Book, Purchase Book, Purchase Return Book, Sales Book, Sales Return Book, Journal Proper, Control Accounts, Financial Statements, Trading and Profit & Loss Account, Trading Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Types of Assets and Liabilities included in Balance Sheet

3. Maintaining Chart of Accounts in Tally.ERP 9
Mouse and Keyboard Conventions, Company Creation, Shut a Company, Shut a Company, Select a Company, Alter a Company, Company Features and Configurations, Company Features: F11, Configuration: F12, Chart of Accounts, Ledger, Group, Ledger Creation, Single Ledger Creation, Multi Ledger Creation, Altering and Display of Ledgers, Ledger Alteration, Single Ledger Display, Multi Ledger Display, Deleting Ledgers, Group Creation, Single Group Creation, Multiple Group Creation, Altering and Display of Groups, Group Alteration, Single Group Display, Multi Group Display, Deleting Groups

4. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
Inventory Management, Terms Used in Inventory Management, Inventory Valuation, Different Types of Inventory Valuation, Inventory Management in Tally.ERP 9

5. Stock Keeping & Inventory Management
Inventory Masters in Tally ERP 9, Creating Inventory Masters, Creation of Stock Group, Creation of Unit of Measure, Creation of Stock Item, Creation of Godown, Defining of Stock Opening Balance in Tally ERP 9,

6. Recording Day to Day Transactions
Business Transactions, Source Document or Voucher, Recording Transactions in Tally.ERP 9, Accounting Vouchers, Receipt Voucher, Contra Voucher, Payment Voucher, Purchase Voucher, Sales Voucher, Debit Note Voucher, Credit Note Voucher, Journal Voucher, Creation of New Voucher Type, Automation of Invoices (Voucher Classes), Non-Accounting Vouchers, Memorandum Voucher Optional Vouchers, Reversing Journal, Recording Provisional Entries, Recording Inventory Vouchers, Receipt Note Voucher, Delivery Note Voucher, Rejection In Voucher, Rejection Out Voucher, Stock Journal Voucher, Physical Verification of Stocks

7. Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
Accounts Payable and Receivable, Maintaining Bill-wise Details, Activation of Maintaining Bill-wise Details Feature, New Reference, Against Reference, Advance Reference, On Account, Credit Limit, Activate Credit Limit, Setting Credit Limits, Exceeding Credit Limits, Exception to Credit Limits, Payment Performance of Debtors, Changing the Financial Year in Tally.ERP 9.

8. Storage and Classification of Inventory`
Godown Management, Activating Godown, Creating a Godown, Allocation of Stock to Particular Godown while Defining Opening Balance, Recording of Purchase, Sales and Stock Transfers with Godown Details, Purchase of Inventory, Recording stock transfer entry using stock journal, Sale of Inventory, Maintaining Damaged Goods, Analysing Godown Summary and Stock Movement Reports, Stock Category, Activation of Stock Categories, Creating Stock Categories, Recording of Transactions, Movements of Goods in Batches/Lots - Batch wise details, Activating Batch-wise Details in Tally.ERP 9, Using Batch-wise Details in Purchase Invoice, Using Batch-wise Details in Sales Invoice, Expired Batch/Stock Transfer, Batch Reports, Batch Vouchers Report, Batch Summary Report, Transfer Analysis report, Stock Valuation Methods, Configuration of Stock Valuation Method, Different Types of Costing Methods, Recording of Purchase and Sales Transactions, Stock Valuation based on FIFO Perpetual Method

9. Banking
Banking Payments, Setting up Banking Features, Cheque Management, Cheque Printing, Single Cheque Printing, Multi Cheque Printing, Cheque Register, Cancelled Cheque, Blank Cheque, Bank Reconciliation, Manual Bank Reconciliation, Auto Bank Reconciliation, Deposit Slip, Cash Deposit Slip, Cheque Deposit Slip, Payment Advice, Managing of Post-dated Cheques, Notional Bank, Post-dated Report, Handling e-Payments in Tally.ERP 9, e-Payments Report, Exporting e-Payment Transactions from e-Payments Report, Sending Payment Instructions to Bank, Updating the Bank Details Instantly in Tally.ERP 9

10. Allocation and Tracking of Expenses and lncomes
Cost Centre and Cost Categories, Activation of Cost Category and Cost Centre, Allocation of Expenses and Incomes using Cost Centre, Allocation of Expenses and Incomes using Cost Centre with Cost category, Allocation of expenses to multiple cost centres and cost categoriesAutomation of Cost Centre and Cost Categories while recording transactions, Cost Centre Classes, Cost Centre Reports, Category Summary, Cost Centre Break-up, Ledger Break-up, Group Break-up

11. MlS Reports
Advantages of Management Information Systems, Types of MIS Reports in Tally.ERP 9, MIS Reports in Tally. ERP 9, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, Funds Flow Statement, Books and Accounting Reports, Day Book, Receipts and Payments, Purchase Register, Sales Register, Bills Receivable and Bills Payable, Inventory Reports, Stock Summary, Stock Transfer, Movement Analysis, Ageing Analysis, Ratio Analysis

12. Management of Purchase and Sales Cycles
Purchase Order Processing, Activating Order Processing in Tally.ERP 9, Sales Order Processing, Viewing Order Details, Display Columnar Orders & Stock Details, Sales order outstanding, Pre-closure of Order, Reorder Level, Display Reorder Status.

13. Manufacturing Process
Activating of Bill of Materials, Auto Listing of Components Using Bill of Materials, Accounting of Manufacturing Process in Tally.ERP 9, Transferring of Manufactured Goods from Storehouse to Showroom, Reports, Stock Journal Register, Transfer Analysis, Cost Estimation, Stock Ageing Analysis.

14. Price Levels and Price Lists
Activating Price Lists and Defining of Price Levels, Creation of Price List, Using Price List, Revise Price List

15. Goods and Services Tax
Getting Started with GST (Goods),Advance adjustments and Entries (Goods), Getting Started with GST (Services), Advance adjustments and Entries (Services), GSTR-Repot, Uploading of GSTR Return in GST Portal.

16. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
Basic Concepts of TDS, 2 Basic Concepts of TDS, TDS Process,TdS in Tally.ERP 9, Activation of TDS Feature in Ially.ERP 9, TDS Statutory Master, Configuring TDS at Group Level, Configuring TDS at Ledger Level, Booking of Expenses in Purchase Voucher, Recording Transactions, Expenses Partly Subject to TDS, Booking Expenses and Deducting TDS Later, Accounting Multiple Expenses and Deducting TDS Later, Accounting for IDS on Advance Payments against Iransport, TDS on Expenses at Lower Rate, TdS on Expenses at Zero Rate, Deducting TDS on Payments, Reversal of Expenses with TDS, Deducting TDS on Expenses with Inventory, Accounting TDS on Fixed Assets, Payment of TDS, TDS Reports, Challan Reconciliation, TDS Outstanding, E-Return

1. GST REGISTRATION:- Registration as normal tax payer, Registration as Composite dealer, Registration as Casual Dealer, Registration as Input service Distributor

2. AMENDMENT IN GST REGISTRATION:- Amendment in Business Name, Amendment in Business Registered address, Amendment in Authorized Signatory, Amendment in Proprietor/Partner/Director Details- Mobile no, email id and residence address, Registration/Amendment in additional place of Business, Amendment in Bank Account, Registration of Digital Signature and change In profile password.

3. GST INVOICE:- How to Make GST Invoice for Normal Registered person and for Composite Dealer, Creation of GST Invoice in Bill to & Ship concepts, How to Make Debit Note & How to Make Credit Note.

4. GST LEDGER:- How to Prepare GST Input Ledger, How to Prepare GST Output Ledger, How to prepare GST Summary sheet for GST liability Assessment.

5. GST PAYMENTS:- Creation of GST Challan for the Payment of Tax, Penalty, Interest, Fees. How to Save the challan for future payments. How to make the payment of GST challan through Internet Banking, Over the counter( in Banks) or Through NEFT/RTGS

6. GST RETURNS:- Filling of GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-6, GSTR-9 of Normal tax payer and composite dealer and Input service distributor. Understanding GSTR-2/2A

7. Reconciliation of GSTR-1 with GSTR-2/GSTR-2A

8. Filling of LUT for Export

9. Filling of Refund Forms

10. E-WAY BILL- Registration on E-way bill website. Generation of E-way bill in different case of Shipment( through Road, Rail, Air, Own etc.), Generation of E-way bill by Transporter, Creation of Summary Report of E-way bill by Transporter, Generation of E-way bill by Non registered person.

1. Registration of Pan on Income tax website, creation of user name and password

2. View & Download ITR Previous filled Returns

3. Checking of Outstanding Demand & Notice issued by department

4. Checking, View & Download of Form 26-AS for TDS already deducted.

5. Payment of Self-Assessment tax like:-Payment of Income tax & Corporation Tax-CHALLAN NO 280.

6. Filling of ITR-1 Salaried, Filling of ITR-4 ( Presumptive Business)

7. Registration of TAN NO. Creating User name and Password for TDS Return filling.

8. Registration of Digital Signature at Traces website.

9. Deduction of TDS on Various Source of Income

10. Payment of TDS-Tax Payment of Tax Deducted at Source / Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS) from corporates or non-corporates)-Challan-281, Payment of TDS on Rent of Property-Form 26QC,Payment of TDS on Sale of Property- Form 26QB

11. Preparation of TDS Return Data in Microsoft Excel.

12. Conversion of TDS Return data into TDS Filling Software and generation of FUV Files

13. Filling of TDS Returns

14. Downloading Filled Returns

15. Downloading of Form-16 & Form 16-A

1. Excel Quick Overview: Use of Excel, its boundaries & features

2. Data Formatting & Custom settings: Number, Text, Date, Currency, Custom settings.

3. Getting data into an Excel worksheet – manual entry or from other programs like Notepad and databases.

4. Conditional Formatting: Once defined, it will automatically change color of values e.g. up or down, high or low, pass or fail, profit or loss etc.

5. Filters, Queries & Data Sorting: Drill down your data to your desired level. Sort data based on your choice e.g. like North, East, West, South rather than alphabetically.

6. Formula Writing & Fixing Errors: Financial, Logical, Text, Day and Time, Statistical, Mathematical etc Sum, Average, Count, Minimum, Maximum, Absolute, Concatenate, Count, CountA, CountBlank, CountIf, Day, Today, Even, Exact, Exp, Find, Int, Is Blank, Left, Len, Lower, Upper, Proper, Now, Power, Rank, Right, Round, Trim etc.

7. If-Then-Else & Nested If commands: Produce different set of results based on slabs, conditions.

8. Vlookup / Hlookup: You have large amount of data placed at different locations & you want to merge it based on common values & its relevance.

9. Graphs & Charts: You will learn how to create, modify & update graphs / charts like Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter, 3D etc.

10. Hyper / Data Linking: Hyper & data linking, within or outside Worksheet / Excel File are important features that help update data automatically.

11. Grouping - Ungrouping: Sometimes data needs to be grouped for summarized results & crisp view.

12. Pivot Tables: Summarize your data as per your desire. You need to select data in a range & produce consolidated results in user defined reporting formats.

13. Creating custom functions for calculating, for example, compound interest.

14. Security & Protection: It will help you protect your cells, worksheet or an Excel file from unauthorized use.

Unit 1 Introduction
  • i. Objective
  • ii. Genesis of Business Accounting
  • iii. Advantages of Computerized Accounting
  • iv. Introducing BUSY
  • v. Basic Concepts
  • vi. Accounting
  • vii. Inventory
  • Unit 2 Starting with BUSY
  • I. Operating Environment
  • II. Installing BUSY
  • III. BUSY Start-up Screen
  • IV. Key Components in BUSY
  • V. Using BUSY Help
  • VI. Quitting BUSY
  • Unit 3 Setting up a Company in BUSY
  • i. Creating a New Company
  • ii. Opening a Company
  • iii. Editing a Company
  • iv. Closing a Company
  • v. Deleting a Company
  • vi. Setting Data Directory
  • vii. Setting Color Scheme
  • Unit 4 Basic Configuration
  • i. Features / Options
  • ii. General
  • iii. Accounts
  • iv. Inventory
  • v. GST
  • vi. Hardware Configuration
  • vii. Warning Alarms
Unit 5 Basic Accounting & Inventory
  • i. Creating Masters
  • ii. Accounts
  • iii. Account Group
  • iv. Standard Narration
  • v. Item
  • vi. Item Group
  • vii. Material Centre
  • viii. Material Centre Group
  • ix. Unit Conversion
  • x. Bill Sundry
  • xi. Sale Type
  • xii. Purchase Type
  • xiii. Configuring Masters
  • Unit 6 Transactions
  • i. Voucher Numbering
  • ii. Entering Vouchers
  • iii. Sales
  • iv. Sales Return
  • v. Purchase
  • vi. Purchase Return
  • vii. Payment
  • viii. Receipt
  • ix. Journal
  • x. Contra
  • xi. Debit Note
  • xii. Credit Note
  • xiii. Stock Transfer
  • xiv. Configuring Vouchers
Unit 7 Accounting Reports
  • i. Balance Sheet
  • ii. Trial Balance
  • iii. Account Books
  • iv. Account Summaries
  • v. Outstanding Analysis
  • vi. Stock Status
  • vii. Inventory Books
  • viii. Inventory Summaries
  • ix. GST Summaries
  • x. GST Registers
  • xi. GST Reports
  • xii. GST Returns
  • xiii. GST Adjustment Details
  • xiv. Reconcile Accounts & Sales / Purchase Tax
  • Unit 08 Managing Backup
  • i. Backup Configuration
  • ii. Taking Backup
  • iii. Restore Data
  • iv. Data Freezing
  • v. Data Export (MS Excel / PDF / HTML
  • vi. Year-end Entries
1. Introduction of Payroll Accounting

2. Introduction of Various laws & Provision under Payroll

3. Preparation of Salary Register

4. Preparation of attendance sheet

5. Preparation of Salary Slip/Pay slip

6. REGISTRATION:- Registration under Employee Provident fund(EPF)d, Registration under Employee State Insurance( ESI

7. AMENDMENT IN EPF/ESI REGISTRATION:- Amendment in Business Name, Amendment in Business Registered address, Amendment in Authorized Signatory, Amendment in Proprietor/Partner/Director Details- Mobile no, email id and residence address,

Registration/Amendment in additional place of Business, Amendment in Bank Account, Registration of Digital Signature and change In profile password.

8. Addition an removal of employee records

9. Generation of A New UAN number of New Employee in case of Provident fund

10. Generation of A New IP number of New Employee in case of Employee State Insurance

11. PF/ESI RECORDS:- How to Prepare Employee PF/ESI Records

12. PF/ESI PAYMENTS:- Creation of PF/ESI Challan for the Payment, Penalty, Interest, Fees. How to Save the challan for future payments.

13. PF/ESI RETURNS:- Filling of monthly return under PF and ESI on online portal

14. Working with Digital Signature and E-Signature on Portal

  • • A. Working with Internet Banking
  • • B. Online Fund Transfer/Payment(RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/UPI)
  • • C. Use of Payment Gateways
  • • D. Preparation of E-cheques
  • • E. Filling of Online Challans
  • • F. E-commerce Website and its functions
  • • A. Resume- Bio-Data preparation
  • • B. Time Management Techniques
  • • C. Self-introduction
  • • D. Interview Techniques

Training And Selection Process

Enrollment & Live Free Demo Classes

Cousre Training

Interview Preperation

Job Interview

Final Selection

Course Advantages


Unique methdology of Practical Learning of the subject


Additional 2 hrs daily Practice over live client data for gaining work experience.


Over 300+ Clients actual monthly Accounting & Taxation data for Practice.


Training by Industry Expert Professionals ( like CA/CMA/CS/Lawyers) who are into practice and managing client’s accounting & taxation records.


Opportunities to file Income Tax Return, TDS Returns returns of over 300+ Actual clients every month.


A Strong Network of Group of Professionals along with over 40+ Job Consultancy companies for Job placement.



Qualification : FCMA,B.COM(H)

Experience : 15 yrs.

Experties : Cost Accountancy, ROC Compliance, MIS Reporting

Introduction : CMA Gaurav Kumar, a fellow member of The Institute of Cost accountant of India & a Hons commerce graduate from University of Delhi, has a overall experience of near about two decades in accountancy, Cost accountancy, Indirect tax & managing various statutory compliances and audit. He has taken more than two thousands training session on various topic on GST, Roc compliances, Cost audit and advance Microsoft excel. With the knowledge and practical skillset of CMA GAURAV KUMAR, more than 12000+ students get benefit on learning of practical aspect of Cost accounting, Goods & Service tax, Roc compliances and Mis Reporting. Apart from training, he is also a Cost & Indirect tax consultants in New Delhi where he is giving his service to more than 250 companies across India.

Training session : 500 Plus

Student trained : 12000 Plus



Qualification : LLB,B.COM(H)

Experience : 16 yrs.

Experties : Accountancy, Direct & Indirect tax

Introduction : Adv. Nishant, a law Professionals and Hons commerce graduate from University of Delhi, has a overall experience of near about two decades in accountancy, Direct & Indirect tax management. He has taken more than two thousands five hundred training session on various topic on VAT, Service tax, Goods & Service Tax(GST) & accountancy. With the expertise knowledge and practical skillset of Adv. Nishant, more than 12000+ students get benefit on learning of practical aspect of VAT, Service tax, Goods & Service tax, Income tax & Tds. Apart from training, he is also a Direct & Indirect Tax consultants in New Delhi where he is giving his service to more than 250 companies across India.

Training session : 500 Plus

Student trained : 12000 Plus



Qualification : ACA, B.com(H), M.com(H), IFRS (Certified)

Experience : 7 yrs.

Experties : Accountancy, Direct Tax

Introduction : CA Priyanka, an associate member of The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, a post graduate & Hons commerce graduate from University of Delhi, has a overall experience of near about 7 years in accountancy, financial reporting & Direct tax Practice. She has delivered more than three hundreds live & online training session on various topic on Direct tax laws & practice, Accounting & Financial reporting. With the expertise knowledge and practical skillset of CA Priyanka, more than 5000+ students get benefit on learning of practical aspect of Financial reporting, Income tax & Tds e-filling. Apart from training, She is also a Direct tax consultants in New Delhi where she is serving to more than 250 companies across India.

Training session : 200 Plus

Student trained : 5000 Plus



Qualification : B.com

Experience : 5 yrs.

Experties : Tally & Busy Accounting

Introduction : Mr. Manoj kumar, a commerce graduate from University of Delhi & an exceptional mentors of computerised accounting learning , has an overall experience of near about half of decades in computerised accountancy. With his strong hold on Tally, he is also known as Tally guru in his students circle. He has delivered more than 600 training session on Tally & Busy Accounting software. With the expertise knowledge of accounting and practical skillset more than 8000+ students got benefit on computerised accounting learning.

Training session : 600 Plus

Student trained : 8000 Plus



Qualification : B.com

Experience : 5 yrs.

Experties : Accountancy, Training

Introduction : Mr. Santosh kumar, a commerce graduate from University of Delhi, has an overall experience of near about half of decades in providing training of computerised accountancy. He is also head board of studies and training where he continuously making his effort toward developing latest study material and training & practice material for the students.

Training session : 250 Plus


Why to Chose IPLAP

Point of Distinction IPLAP Other Institute
Learning data Actual Data Dummy Data
Arning Methodology Practical aspect Concept Theoretical aspect
Trainer Professional Trainers Teacher
Course Curriculum Featured With Real Accounting, Tax knowledge, Advance excel supported with Actual e-filling of returns and practice to gain expertise. Learning on dummy data, moderate knowledge , slide show presentation & without practice.
Live Projects Actual Client data to finalise Accounts and filling of returns Dummy project data
Tax Training Live on Government Portal with real login id On Taxation software or on replica website
Software used in Training On licenced version On educational Version
E-filling On Government online portal Replica website
Practice Daily additional hrs Not allowed or provided


A basic Knowledge of Computer, Internet. Qualification may be 12th pass out or Under-graduate/Graduate/Post Graduate

Duration of the course will be about 1 year. Those who have commerce background can complete this course in 4 months.

Institute have the 100% Placement records of all the candidate. Job will be provide by us to every successful candidate after completion o the course.

The CTC will be averagely 1.8 lacs P.a. The higher salary depend upon candidate also, we have seen many candidate taking 18K to 22K Per months also. More learning, more practice will give you an upper age to get higher salary.

Institute all the faculty members are highly qualified like Chartered Accountant/ Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers & Post Graduate Most important thing about faculty members is they are into practice and have great command over practical learning of the subject that they gained through managing and doing task of the clients.

Yes Institute is Registered by the various Government bodies, professionals certification bodies and education partners of Accounting software Institute is registered with Ministry of corporate affairs, Ministry of MSME, National Skills development corporation of India( NSDC), Certified & Authorised by Tally & Busy Accounting software

Yes, You will get course completion certificate from the intitute.

Yes, Your certificate are totally valid and also any person can verify certificate issued on our portal and also on Tally online portal.

A Minimum 2 hrs of classes will be provided every day. However a person desirous to take more classes can take additional classes as per his/her choice.

Yes, Institute provide Instalment option without any extra payment.

A non commerce background can also joined this course. We focus on the entire learning along with the basic concept which a candidate required, whether is theoretically or practically.

Everyday, during entire course, you will be provided actual and live clients accounting & taxation data along with the Assignment and online assessment portal. Classroom are fully computerised and every system is connected through Internet and Latest full version of accounting software. All the taxation relating training are provided on Online Government portal. You will get a hand on experiences on Calculating taxes, depositing challans and filling of various returns.

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